Farihan, The miniscule bright eyed girl whom a lot regarded as Mimi’s twin sister! How are you and it is really nice to hear from you again after so many many years. As you have probably heard from Granny, I am well and healthy. … Errr Granny! have you made the announcement yet ? Naik pangkat mesti la announce! Granny Mimi la I mean!

Anyway , are you still in Sungei Siput or somewhere around in KL, Jakarta?, Oslo? Bahrain? Beijing or remotely in Mumbai? Let us know, I am sure a lot would like to catch up with you .. You can also use this blogsite to look for your good partners in your childhood days.

I am sure Ariff would be excited about this . ….

Keep posted and be well.

Barry 0r rather Ti


Take note there will be a free lunch at the following address THIS SATURDAY 29th May, 2010. 11.00 am to 3.00pm
at : 64, Lorong Az-Zaharah 10/4B,
Seksyen 10, 42300, PUNCAK ALAM, Shah Alam. Selangor. Call this number if you get lost : 013 225 2436 .
Ask for Shamsinah : Your friend from the good old days of Methodist Sungei Siput only 33 years ago.

Hello friends… did you get the message ?
Shamsinah eldest daughter is getting married this saturday .Make your way to the place and meet up with your friends and host. If you cannot find the way please google it or see if you can see this attached map ….
See you guys and gals there ,

Meanwhile to Shamsinah… Congratulations on the grand occasion.

Hello , there is a flurry of interest inthe get together , please sign up and let us know your intent , if you are interested please let us know

Many of you out there have been relishing the fact that the past ten months have seen many old bonds reconnected.Many memories rekindled, most of all many happy moments relived! There are still many of our friends out there that missed the reunion that later caught up with us at different functions like my good friend. ..Yang Arrif!!! How is this friend of mine doing .. heardhe is right next door in KL ? Huh ? all these years ?
Well, a spark just lit off from Rose lunch with a few of the good friends, How about another get together ?
How about an outthing for two days?

So guys and gals.. those in favour please let us know if you are keen to make to this get together … those otherwise keep otherwise in silence! That is what the teacher sadi always or was it simply said…. shut up!

Place : Cameron Highlands or Awana Genting ( I wonder why Ganaesan suggested this place? )
Time : In the next two months over a weekend.
Activities.. Good food , Good company , Good views… Great company , Great Fun , Great memories.

How about it > Please drop in your comments and let see if we cna drum this up .. No collection this time ,,Just check in and get this going …

Pssst ! No teachers are around …. You can do anything you want !

It was a very good night with the group of friends at The Olive. We had Amy Yew, Khor Lee Cheng,Jit Fu,Soo Har, Man Fu, Teck Thian,Sea Ping, Chok Thin, Foo Sang, Poh Lin, Rose,myself and of course Yoke Yun. Later we were joined by Brenda and Kay Keng. We had the whole of the the top floor to ourselves and had a hearty meal besides lots of laughter and pictures taking . I have up loaded some pictures for those keen to have a peek in to facebook .
So much we chat about during the good old school days , and obviously it did not go without the normal arguments which class we were in standard three .. was it A or G ? Looks as if we did not have sufficient time in English classes to distinguish between A to H ? But it was all taken in good stead.

We look forward to find these excuse to meet up and share our good times together. SO let us know what is cooking and we will join in ..

Mean while . I wish all to take care always..


The Dinner details is as follows.
Place : The Olive
Plaza Damaz, Sri hartamas
Time : 7.00 pm 21st November 2009
Directions : 1) If you are coming from Eastin side . head towards to Sri hartamas which you will have to take the side road of the ramp leading to Mont Kiara. .turning left will lead you to Sri Hartamas proper BUT instead of that TAKE a right turn AT the traffic lights and you will need to take a LEFT at the next traffic light. Head up straight and Plaza Damaz is 200 m up on your left hand side. . The Olive is opposite of TGIF outside.
2) If you are comming from KL head to the NS expressway exit via Jalan Duta Toll. before you hit the toll you will notice a turn off at your right to damansara and LDP . Take That and keep left. You will meet the traffic lights where you Take a LEFT turn and then another LEFT turn . After that the same 200 m ahead on your left .
3) Take a cab and tell them PLAZA DAMAZ .or call me 019 663 1808.

Attendees so far : Yoke Yun . Amy, Lee Cheng, Rose, Pauline,Soo Har,Jit Foo,Man Foo, Chok Thin, Sea Ping, Fooi yoon, Barry,
Hoping more will join .

What is on the dinner plate ?
Starters ; 1) Antipasto the olive – seafood grill and vegetables
2) Funghi Carozza – deep fried mushroom
3) Bruschetta al salmone affumicato – grill bread topped with salmon and tomato salsa.

Zuppa : 1) Mushroom soup in cup .
2) Mare E terra – Seafood in tomato soup .

Main dish . sharing of

1) Risotto al funghi E pollo – chicken mushroom and sun dried tomato.
2) Pizza alla The Olive – all the delicacies of the seas.
3) Spaghetti Gamberetti. – grilled prawns, asparagus, garlic chillies and herbs.
4) Ravioli alla piacentina – home made chicken raviolli mushroom and cream sauce.

Dessert : Surprise!

Drinks .: we are allowed two bottles of free corkage. i will bring one over from my collection. anyone wants to volunteer the other one. please do so at your will .

hope this provides enough information for the event . Those who now wants to join in has until friday to let me know either via the bolg or call me .

See ya all..


Who can that be other than Teh Yoke Yun , As mysteriously as how she vanished years ago she is back into Malaysia this week end in KL and the next in SS/Ipoh .
For those who has no idea , you may remember her as a tanned Brooke Shields with two braids ( pony tails ) and have thick rims ( not in her sports bicycle ) spectacles. Some what of a cry baby some remembers her as. BUt all in all a fine lady . as most recalled her to be .
Could she be another surprise candidate that we will all not recognise or are we actually the surprise for her as she cannot recognise all of us ! Ha find out this puzzle for yourself. Be at the party for her this Saturday ..
tentatively the dinner will be at Souled- Out at Sri hartamas at 7 pm . However , Please call be latest by friday morning to confirm your attendance . Reservations for saturday dinners are extremely full . PLEASE CALL ME – 019 663 1808 if you are intending to attend, i do not want to disappoint anyone but I DO NOT OWN this restaurant or any for that matter .
For the time being we have Khor Lee Cheng, Teh Teck Thian , Rose, ManFu, Barry, Yeap Foo sang( Maybe) , Amy Yew ( will try ) , SEa Ping and Chok Thin( two or nothing ) Yew Leong ( See first ) . I must say we have very decisive people in the group or very busy ones! anyway . Please GD call me when YOU have decided. We may change venue …BUt still will be near by I will firm up the venue by Wednesday.

Well , like I say this before take life as it comes along .. .dont wait for it to pass you by and start lamenting your woes.. Procrastinate and you will only live to regret it … not now but one day not too far away .. ( Manfu if you need translation as Rose to help! )

See you all then .

For the SS episode sorry I cannot help la… Tasan can take over from here..
For the benefit of those who forgot our dear lass Yoke Yun , she is seated in the front row( or else where do you expect the class monitor to seat ??? ) And she does not LOOK like Lam shee Hung …

See you soon .

BarryForm 4 Sc 2